Prime And Paint

Aerotech Prime and Paint

Aerotech Prime and Paint

Aerotech Processing has state-of-the-art painting facilities

Our paint department has 24 foot downdraft spray booths with full environmental control. This ensures that the parts are being sprayed at the correct temperature in a dust free environment. Our paint capabilities include primers, masking and topcoat to many application specs, including Mil-Spec, Boeing, Sikorsky and Northrop Grumman.

Our highly skilled painters are experienced in dealing with complex detail parts and regularly paint such parts with outstanding results. This includes difficult colors such as lusterless (flat) black and gloss white.

Quality testing is done throughout the process to ensure adhesion coating thickness and appearance requirements are met.

Relevant Specifications:


Why Aerotech?

NADCAP-Certified Excellence:
AeroTech is proud to hold NADCAP certification with Merit, underscoring our commitment to industry-leading standards.

Innovative Solutions:
Our use of proprietary chemistry and cutting-edge processes ensures superior results in metal finishing.

Expert-Led Team:
Led by Dr. Peter Totaro, our dedicated professionals guarantee precision and efficiency in every project.

Comprehensive Services:
From anodizing to non-destructive testing, AeroTech provides a complete range of metal finishing solutions.

Reliable Partnership:
Count on AeroTech for unmatched quality and reliability, making us your trusted partner in metal finishing.

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