Aerotech Masking Processing

Aerotech Masking

Masking is a crucial part of any processing operation.

Here at Aerotech we have two separate masking areas. One is for chemical processing and the other is for prime and paint.

Our chemical processing masking area is staffed by experienced professionals who utilize the latest and best tools for the job. We have our own in house ability to make and cut repeatable masks from either a sample part or via a file. We also use a multitude of caps and plugs as well as peelable and solvent-removable masking .

Our masking area is also specially ventilated at each work station so that no solvent vapors affect our crew. This is another example of our commitment to doing things the right way.

The paint department has its own masking department that utilizes tapes, caps, and plugs in order to service the spray operation. This area is also staffed by experienced professionals who specialize in a highly detail-oriented area.

Why Aerotech?

NADCAP-Certified Excellence:
AeroTech is proud to hold NADCAP certification with Merit, underscoring our commitment to industry-leading standards.

Innovative Solutions:
Our use of proprietary chemistry and cutting-edge processes ensures superior results in metal finishing.

Expert-Led Team:
Led by Dr. Peter Totaro, our dedicated professionals guarantee precision and efficiency in every project.

Comprehensive Services:
From anodizing to non-destructive testing, AeroTech provides a complete range of metal finishing solutions.

Reliable Partnership:
Count on AeroTech for unmatched quality and reliability, making us your trusted partner in metal finishing.

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