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Capabilities And Facilities

In today’s world, that means high quality at a competitive price with fast turnaround and excellent service.

Aerotech Anodizing

Anodize: As anodizing specialists we offer many different anodizing processes as well as seal choices.

Aerotech Chem Film

Chem Film In addition to yellow Alodine, Aerotech also performs TY II Chromate Conversion IAW Mil-DTL-5541 TY II.

Aerotech Masking

Masking is a crucial part of any processing operation. Here at Aerotech, we have two separate masking areas.

Aerotech NDT

Aerotech’s NDT methods ensure the quality and durability of products before they are shipped to you.

Aerotech Passivate

Passivation, in physical chemistry and engineering, refers to coating a material so it becomes “passive,”

Pre-Pen Etch and Clean

Pre-Penetrant Etching Per many prime specs including Boeing, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX,

Prime and Paint

Our paint department has 24 foot downdraft spray booths with full environmental control.