Nelson Lasso


About Nelson Lasso

Mr. Lasso has oversight for Financial Reporting, Cash Management, Taxation, Legal and Corporate matters. Mr. Lasso was a Westchester Finalist CFO in 2016 in recognition for his outstanding performance in the role of corporate financial steward, exhibiting exceptional financial leadership.

Mr. Lasso has extensive financial management experience, with over 20 years of experience working for some large and midsize companies has experience in cash forecasting and management, internal control systems, compliance, SEC and public reporting, pensions plans and insurance programs. Completion of 4 corporate mergers manufacturing plants withing the U.S. Mr. Lasso has seen the Acquisition of 3 companies. Mr. Lasso has worked for large domestic’s companies with foot hold in international soil.

Mr. Lasso holds an MBA from Lubin School of Business in General Business and Administration.