Jeff Almeyda

CEO and Owner

About Jeff Almeyda

Jeff Almeyda is President of Aerotech Processing Solutions and Master Metal Finishing, both located in Paterson, New Jersey.

Jeff is an expert in chemical processing, with a specialty in aluminum processing. He has written multiple papers which he has presented to both The Aluminum Anodizing Council and the International Hard Anodizing Association, and has received awards for his presentations and content. He is an instructor for the Council being called on regularly to share his expertise with the industry and customers. Jeff was called on by SpaceX to lend his expertise on the processing of special alloys for space applications.

Jeff grew up in New York City, winning a scholarship to the elite Regis High School. His excellence at Regis gained him a place at Columbia University in pre-med. In his second year at Columbia, seeing his father’s company, Master Metal, in decline and distress, Jeff joined the company working with his father to alleviate the financial problems and expand the business.

Always an excellent student with a passion for learning, Jeff quickly became an expert in metal coatings and business management. His leadership has led to the company’s expansion and growth, achieving Nadcap Certification along with approvals from major manufacturers and OEMs.

Jeff grew Master Metal, moving it from Queens, NYC to Paterson, NJ in 2007. He established Aerotech Processing in 2012. Aerotech services the aerospace, space, marine, medical device, and advanced manufacturing markets with its advanced coating and painting service.