Aerotech’s Staff Chemical Engineer Publishes Second Journal Paper

Peter Totaro, a Chemical Engineering doctoral candidate at New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Vice President of Operations at Aerotech Processing Solutions, published a second peer-reviewed  journal paper this week.

The article,”Effect of Current Density Ramping on the Growth Rate and Structure of AA2024-T3″,  has been published in the renowned journal Materials as part of the Special Issue High Performance Aluminum Alloy and Composite Materials.

Abstract: The presented study successfully demonstrated advantages of multistep anodization of AA2024 – T3. Coating properties and morphology were studied in detail for five anodization processes: a conventional Base process with a constant applied current density and processes with current density applied in one (OS1 and OS2) and five (MS1 and MS2) steps at different magnitudes during the ramp period. Due to lower oxygen infusion, processes MS1 and MS2 produced a more intact coating with reduced porosity and enhanced abrasion resistance and hardness. The presented results clearly demonstrate that starting anodizing processes at a low voltage and then slowly ramping current density will form more aluminum rich coatings with enhanced properties in a shorter period.

Mr. Totaro has kindly provided a copy for your review on our website. Please click here for the full article.